The Secret of Non-Circulating Hydroponics

Howard Resh- Anguilla

Got a dream to grow?  Low on funds, or have an investor? Let me help get you off the ground and growing.

Non-circulating hydroponics is the perfect solution for island agri-profit. Eliminating the large capital investment required by circulating systems, growers have much less risk involved.  
This system is the perfect solution for low risk island farming. Begin small, building a reputable product and a few loyal customers, as well as a strong foundation.  You will soon find the demand for fresh produce is much larger than anticipated.

This technique offers a smaller investment which = a larger return.

Consider the situation on Aruba, one of the driest, windiest  islands in the Caribbean.  Greenhouse construction must sustain high winds; water is scarce; and uneven rocky terrain is hard to build on.  However, if you have available land and the means for a few materials, you could get some hydro-beds up....  and sell all the fresh produce you could possibly grow.  Island chefs are notoriously local-loyal.  A quality, consistent product would quickly win the hearts of local chefs. This island is crying for local farming entrepreneurs, and this system is perfect for local farmers who are short on investment but long on time and will-power.  Hydro-beds can be constructed out of used materials, and plastic for greenhouses could be earned from first crops... with rainfalls less than 20" per year.

How about Jamaica.  This island loves great food and great food begins with farm fresh produce. This system is perfect for local island farmers eager to increase their livelihoods by growing food. Expensive circulating systems are just not necessary for success.  Grow on the ground or up on blocks- start small. This system is great for island growing and local hotel markets provide great revenue.  Hydroponic farming is for everyone. Non-circulating hydroponics makes it possible.

Check out Howard Resh's operation on Anguilla. This is a great example of island growing.  Howard Resh is the pre-eminate hydro-agriculturist.  His belief in hydroponics, due to light rainfall, year round sunlight and  marketing  availability has led his crusade for local island farming while increasing individual personal income and raising the standard of living island wide.
Floating Raft System- Philippines